Hooray! This dog has been adopted!

  • Adoption Status: Adopted
  • Breed: Shih Tzu Maltese
  • Age: 3-4 yrs
  • Sex: Male
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • All LHH dogs have been spayed or neutered, updated on shots, microchipped, groomed, deflea'd, dewormed; and come with a leash, collar and LHH ID tag!



MEET JEDI….a precious, gray/white, 11 lb, 3-4 yr old Shih Tzu/Maltese mix, who came from the East Valley Shelter.  When his adopter didn’t show up, the shelter called us, and we’re happy they did!  We found Jedi a home, but he is initially fearful in new environments and needs time to feel safe or he can be nippy.  Before 24 hours were up, he was back at LHH.  Apparently, Jedi needs lots of time and patience, more than we knew.  He is NOT an aggressive dog, but he can be snippy.  We do feel that he was abused in his “former life” and he is not good in environments that have too many “moving wheels.”  By this, we mean he would likely be better in a home where there is only one or two people (likely female) and another small dog who he can engage with — and he does not like being left alone.  We definitely want him to have a canine companion his size.  He would not be good with kids (or their friends!).  IF you have the patience to get him through a week or so of being a little nippy or adjusting, he would be okay with a couple.  He mostly can be very sweet, but he does have a bit of an attitude when you do something he is fearful about or doesn’t like.  He lifts his lip to tell you he’s uncomfortable!  He is quite active and likes to do his “zoomies” around the house, so he would not be good in a senior home or one looking for a couch potato.  Some of the time, he just loves to kiss you and cuddle!  THIS TAKES TIME.  However, he does love his walks and can be very energetic.  He’s doing good with his potty training (no guarantees)!  Loves to follow you around and be with you, but can also be independent.  While he is not a big barker, he does like to have “conversations” — so for this reason, an apartment is not the best suited for him.  Jedi is good on a leash… loves everyone outside.  His ideal home will have human(s) who can devote time to his getting settled in and training will be a must.  He loves his toys.  He loves his person.  Interested in other dogs.  Does this sound like a pup you could love? He was a perfect gentleman at our founder’s house so we know he can be a loving dog…just needs time and for you to be the boss!

Hooray! This dog has been adopted!

Adoption Events

We do not have a public viewing facility; however, we hold bi-monthly adoption events in Santa Monica. Please check our calendar for changes and cancellations due to holidays or weather.

2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, 11am – 2:30pm

2116 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405 [Map]

Metered street parking.

Please bring pictures or video of your home/yard if we have not yet done a home visit (preferred).

And…don’t forget to bring your dog(s), if you have any. They make the final decision!