Hooray! This dog has been adopted!

  • Adoption Status: Adopted
  • Breed: Lhasa Apso/Shih Tzu
  • Age: 3-4 yrs
  • Sex: Male
  • Weight: 15 lb
  • All LHH dogs have been spayed or neutered, updated on shots, microchipped, groomed, deflea'd, dewormed; and come with a leash, collar and LHH ID tag!

THIS IS JAXX….a 15 lbs., liver colored, 3-4 yr old, precious Lhasa/Shih Tzu. Very friendly pup, apprehensive of new people at first, loves toys, has a wonderful disposition and is just a great addition to the family. He was adopted to a home with a 7 yr old boy, who he did bite.  We weren’t there so we can’t say why. However, our experience of him has been different; even so, he will not go to a home with children.   Jaxx needs a savvy human who can understand his little quirks, which he does not demonstrate in his foster home.  Jaxx has a protective streak, so we believe he would be best in a home with either a single person or a non-chaotic home.  He will bark when someone comes to the gate/door, but otherwise not a barker.  He LOVES to snuggle and always wants to be in the company of his people.  While he gets along with other dogs, he is really a people dog, and he likely would be better as an only dog or with one other small dog, if not left alone for long periods of time (over 3 hrs).  His protective nature can sometimes too protective and he has been snippy (but again, never with us or our fosters).  If there is no other dog for him, people would be preferred!  He is playful but not destructive. Jaxx is not aggressive, but he is protective and did snip at his foster once when she was rough housing with her baby; he thought she was trying to hurt her… but not human possessive… he just didn’t understand that they were playing.   He is easy going and a love bug and if you are looking for a happy dog, who loves people, is good in the car, loves his walks, and even seems to be potty trained, **but no guarantees** he is your boy! He can get under foot, so he would not be a good idea for a senior home.  One thing very important about Jaxx….he is a HUGE SNUGGLER and he will really want to sleep in bed with you so if this isn’t allowed at your house, he probably wouldn’t be happy.   Just sayin’ — Come and get him if you match what he’s looking for….he’s waiting!!


Hooray! This dog has been adopted!

Adoption Events

We do not have a public viewing facility; however, we hold bi-monthly adoption events in Santa Monica. Please check our calendar for changes and cancellations due to holidays or weather.

2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, 11am – 2:30pm

2116 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405 [Map]

Metered street parking.

Please bring pictures or video of your home/yard if we have not yet done a home visit (preferred).

And…don’t forget to bring your dog(s), if you have any. They make the final decision!