Hooray! This dog has been adopted!

  • Adoption Status: Adopted
  • Breed: Maltese
  • Age: 10 yrs young
  • Sex: Male
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • All LHH dogs have been spayed or neutered, updated on shots, microchipped, groomed, deflea'd, dewormed; and come with a leash, collar and LHH ID tag!

THIS IS HERCULES….a petite, 7 lb, 10 yr old Maltese, who just wants to be somebody’s baby!  These are not the best pictures, as Herky came to us with a bad case of KC/bronchitis and we could not groom him for risk of him getting sicker.  Even still he is cute as a button!  There is no question that this little morsel of love, with a little primping, will capture your heart in a NY minute! 

Hercules — a big name for a little pup — has a very sweet personality.  Loves to sleep on a stack of pillows on the bed or on your head.  His favorite place to be, while he is feeling a bit under the weather, is on your lap!!  He definitely could be (and should be) your pocket pooch.  While he is 10 yrs old, and has NO teeth, he still has energy and stamina.  I was shocked when he ran up my hardwood stairs (but he couldn’t get down)!  So far, we have been hand feeding him, and it’s fun to see him lap up his food!  He loves to go for walks and does his business outside.  The shelter told us he was housebroken (how would they know?) but he has marked a couple of times in the house.  How much pee does a 7 lb dog have?  🙂  He is healthy…no heart murmur and no issues we are aware of.   He does have dry eye and will require drops for the rest of his life, but he sees great.  Oh yeah, he also gives wonderful kisses with his floppy tongue!

For the most part, Hercules is very quiet.  He loves classical music and loves to be in the car with it playing.  But if you leave him alone or he is stuck on a bed/couch and wants to get down…you will hear a big bark that you won’t believe comes from such a little body!!  As long as he has company, and you are paying attention to him, he’s a happy camper.

This little man needs a home that will love him to pieces through his golden years.  Maltese live long lives and he has a lot more living to do!  Because he has a bit of separation anxiety, he needs a home where he won’t be left alone if you can’t take him with you.  We are still getting to know him, but this angel is one of the good ones.

Hooray! This dog has been adopted!

Adoption Events

We do not have a public viewing facility; however, we hold bi-monthly adoption events in Santa Monica. Please check our calendar for changes and cancellations due to holidays or weather.

2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, 11am – 2:30pm

2116 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405 [Map]

Metered street parking.

Please bring pictures or video of your home/yard if we have not yet done a home visit (preferred).

And…don’t forget to bring your dog(s), if you have any. They make the final decision!